Monday, 29 June 2009


Welcome all to my blog and to my first post.

When I decided to start a blog there was so many things I wanted to write about. Bands that I listen to, movies I like, sports, books and so on. Like many people I often need to find a solution to a particular problem. While I can't tell you what shoes are in fashion or the answers to The Times crossword, I do know a little about IT. I often have to seek help from my fellow professionals and hoped that I could, intern, be of some help to others.

I have taken the plunge and installed Windows 7 RC on my work PC as my main operating system (brave?). You can find many sites elsewhere explaining the various new features but I shall be discussing my own personal problems I have come across and joys I have discovered using it in a school environment.

I am also starting to use an Android mobile and will be posting some reviews of apps I have used, wallpapers I have created and tricks I have discovered.

Now I have to install Server 2008. Back soon!