Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I have an iPhone

Yesterday afternoon this was sat on my desk:

This has not replaced my android device. In fact my contract runs out on my G1 in the next few months and I have been looking at the Motorola Milestone to replace it (I love having a hardware keyboard, but the app 'thick buttons' does help if you don't).

No I have it because of work. Despite android sales surpassing those if the iPhone, probably about 90% of the phones ordered by staff at work are iPhones and so, as a result, are about 90% of the problems. When work asked what phone I wanted ordering when I started my job a few weeks ago my boss suggested I order an iPhone as that is what they have most problems with and it would be handy if I knew what I was doing and could fix them more quickly.

I would rather have had a HTC Desire or Legend but I see the point, I will be fixing problems with them a lot of the time and setting them up for staff. One of the first things I had to do was Google how to put the SIM card in as there were no instructions for it in the box and it doesn't involve taking the back off but using a paperclip.

They bought me a 32GB 3GS version which was pretty nice of them (don't know how I will fill it) and they pay all the bills so I can't complain. Now I have to install a piece of software I really don't like... Itunes.

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