Thursday, 24 June 2010

Breaking News! World Cup is popular!

For probably the first time an important England world cup game coincided with most of the country being at work and the technology existing for the live streaming of matches.

As a result of the England V Slovenia game being at 3PM our internet took a complete hammering (despite the students being off already).

It took some 'jiggery pokery' for normal web use to resume. We have 1Gbps connection put aside for supercomputing and scientific research type stuff and a 1Gbps connection for users. Normally this more than enough but looking at our net stats for the afternoon (update: can be seen here) saw it hit 970Mbps around 3PM and maxed out during the first half causing the internet to slow down for basic web browsing.

We were running at 1.2Gbps including the High Power Computing and had to change the priorities on the bandwidth. As a result some people experienced the odd buffering moment during the game.

As one guy in our office put it, "time for a 10Gbps connection?"

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