Thursday, 10 June 2010

Can anyone be an IT technician?

When I started a job as a Systems Administrator I was told I would be on £4K less than the guy I replaced as I would need support from the City Learning Centre (CLC) while I was learning.

Well they didn't give us much help but when we did have a problem I decided, as I was paying for the support out of my salary, to ask for some. So I asked their technicians and do you know what their answer was?

"Google it"

Well obviously I had managed that and couldn't find the solution. So I took it a step further and my manger informed the CLC manager of the problems we were having. His answer:

"Don't you use Google?"

So, this is the answer from people on £30K, £40K, £50K a year when you ask for support that the school is supposedly paying for.

So my question is, in the age of Google, can anyone be an IT technician? If so, does this mean all the skill has gone out of the job? If all that happens when you come across a problem is 'Google it' surely anyone who can use a search engine can do this.

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