Tuesday, 8 June 2010

iPhone caught up with android? Almost

Apple have posted the keynote speech where Steve Jobs talks about all the 'amazing' new features in iPhone 4 (that have been in android for years).

The iPhone now has multitasking, like my G1 from 2008.

The iPhone now has threaded email, like my G1 from 2008.

Folders, check.

Video sharing, check.

Tap to focus, check.

Tethering, check.

Video calling, check. But where Apple will only do iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 for video calls and only on Wifi , on android you can call any phone to any phone, any platform to any platform on Wifi, 3G or even 4G if you have an Evo.

Also the iPhone 4 will use a MicroSIM so you have to buy a new SIM card.

So it is fair to say I am not impressed with the 'new' features everyone was waiting for.

Additionally - After numerous requests from users we have an iPad for arrived for testing. Hopefully this won't be something else we have to support.

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