Monday, 28 June 2010

Upgrade those SP2 computers

If you have any Windows XP computers in your school still running Service Pack 2 then it has come to the time to upgrade.

From July 13 SP2 will stop receiving updates and support from Microsoft. If you are still not ready to install Windows 7 then make sure to upgrade to Service Pack 3, which will be supported until 2014.

It has also been announced that XP will not get Internet Explorer 9. It seems to be getting to that stage now where new Microsoft services and applications will be available for Vista and 7 only. So maybe schools should be looking to move over this summer.

Obviously a lot of schools have old hardware which could be a problem so they will have to take this into account when working out their budgets. Each individual institution will have to weigh up the pros and cons and decide what they want to be able to do in their school. At some point there will come a time when, for security reasons as much as anything, that old hardware will have to be replaced.

I came across a laptop the other day that was reported to have network issues and be taking too long to boot up. Also every time you opened a program it froze (or took too long to notice if it had or had not froze). It had 192MB of memory that we didn't have any spare to replace.

For schools getting rid of these older PCs may have a knock on effect with old printers, scanners, whiteboards, laser cutters and so on that do not have Windows 7/Vista drivers. It could be an expensive time, so get planning.

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