Monday, 27 September 2010

The Angry Technician Edition

Does that rhyme?

The title of this post is from a blog I (and anyone who works in education would probably) enjoy: The Angry Technician. So here is my first version.

YOUR mobile bill is sent to YOUR department for payment and a copy is sent to YOU for YOUR records (and to look for any personal calls YOU are willing to admit to). So why ask me to go through all YOUR bills and work out YOUR average data usage? I don’t have YOUR bills, I have to get them from Vodafone. Why am I YOUR calculator? YOU should have them, do it yourself.

This isn't a technical support request. It is you being lazy.

Internet Explorer

Will IE9 be any better? Get the beta version here. Personally I will be sticking with Chrome for work. Firefox for home.

While on the subject of Apple...

I know anyone who reads my blog will probably accuse me of Apple bashing but I would just like to share a few problems and experiences we are having with the iPad so far.

I would be interested in hearing how other educational institutions deal with the fact that each iPad needs linking to an individuals iTunes account and credit card. In some departments they only have one iPad for the whole department so who's credit card details should we give Apple? As they are synced to an individuals iTunes account sharing these devices is proving difficult.

When we asked Apple if there was a way to buy apps on an institutional basis they suggested we go to PC World or similar and buy £100s or £1000s of iTunes gift cards.

As well as purchasing apps, connecting to iTunes and the wireless problems we previously experienced another problem we experience is the inability to open the keyboard for certain web forms including our own institutions collaborative sites for blogging and noticeboards.

Edit: Using on 3G when you are without a Wi-Fi signal is also troublesome. A lot of apps will not download over a 3G connection and a number of streaming services are also not supported over 3G. So if you are going to use one make sure you have good wireless coverage.

I have to add it is still a fabulous bit of hardware. The battery life, the noise it makes and the ease of use is excellent. I can certainly see why people will want to use them and using them in meetings is fantastic, so why won't Apple make it easier for educational and other institutions to manage them?

The difference between iPhone and Android

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Sooooo busy

As you can tell I have not posted for sometime. A combination of the students returning last week and the birth of my son are some of the reasons.

Been doing six day weeks and working overtime in the evenings to get everything working (not to get out of changing nappies, honest).

Still there was a report in the local newspaper that students were having to queue due to network problems (some of the pictures from the paper are below). It does not say who gave the quote, but it was not due to problems with the network, the problems with registration were contributed to by idiots messing around with live systems, tinkering with the software programs until they caused them to fall over.