Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Instructions for iPhones and iPods

Step 1: Open the packaging.
Step 2: Remove headphones.
Step 3: Dispose of headphones.
Step 4: Buy decent set, not necessarily for very much (for example).

As someone who uses public transport to get to and from work I really hate having to listen to someone else's crappy taste in music. Every time I hear some awful dance, rap, techno, house, garage, hip-hop whatever it is blasting out I turn and see those familiar white apple headphones in the persons ears.

I don't know where my iPhone headphones are, and I don't want to know. If I turn my iPhone up to the loudest possible setting and don't have my (non-apple) headphones in my ears I cannot hear a thing. As it should be.

They are headphones, for personal listening, don't subject everyone around to your rubbish. I have not even mentioned how uncomfortable the white buds are.

*I am sure my taste in music will be seen as just as bad to other people. But the difference is I don't make you listen to it.

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tektalk said...

I know exactly what you mean about those headphones. I have two pairs ( other half doesn't use hers) and both are rubbish. I don't use them too often so have never bothered to buy better ones. However, now I may have to. The rubber ring around the speaker has started to fall apart. ok, they are 18 months old but still disappointing really.