Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ipconfig not recognized...

I had a case this morning where a user could not give us there IP information because when they typed ipconfig into a command prompt it said 'ipconfig not recognized as an internal or external command'.

If you come across this problem type the word path in the command prompt and you should see something like this that says C:\windows\system32:

If it does not then that is your problem and here is how to fix it.

1. Right click computer and go to properties (or press windows key and pause/break).

2. Go to advanced system settings.

3. Go to environmental variables.

4. In the system variables browse to Path.

5. Edit it to say C:\windows\system32

6. Go to OK.

It should work now but you may need to restart your computer.


Lee said...

Have you, or the guys who look after the workstations thought about using software which displays the IP on the desktop? I use it in my schools. Makes it easier for over the phone support as they can just read it out. That and the fact that, on my systems, they can't get to run to run ipconfig.

I use BGinfo over here.

THanks for updating the link to my blog :-)

Andy said...

We normally have access to everyone's IP and MAC address without the need to display it on the desktop. However we also provide support for staff and students personal computers and it was one of these that was experiencing the problem.