Saturday, 9 October 2010

Silly students

If you are using your laptop to download copyright material and we block it then it is probably not a good idea to phone us up and say all of a sudden your downloads have slowed down. Silly boy.

It looked suspicious as we entered the room and saw a drive caddy with full size drive connected to the laptop. Then seeing a familiar BitTorrent client running in the taskbar it did not take long to diagnose the problem.

We currently have 2 x 1Gig links (one for power computing/computer science and one for regular users) but there has been talk of needing at least a 10Gig connection to cope with the amount of research data that will be transported. Lets just hope the peer-to-peer traffic shaping software does its job or we'll probably see all our electricity savings go out the window as students realise what they can do.

On the subject of copyright material, I was surprised to read on Plusnet's support pages that they say they were not to blame for leaking customers information in the recent ACS:Law hacking case. Below is a screenshot of their website:

This is despite the fact that the information had been sent to ACS:Law unencrypted and unsecured. So how was Plusnet not, at least partly, responsible?

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