Monday, 15 November 2010

Changing fast

It was only a few weeks ago I mentioned there was talk of moving the staff over to Google Apps. In what seems like hardly any time at all, we are going ahead. IT staff will be moved over tomorrow as a 'trial run' before it goes live for everybody.

Partly motivated by money savings and partly by the size of the storage space and, hopefully, the possibility of less faults, I would be interested to hear other educational institution's experiences, not only with Google, but with the Microsoft Live@edu and any others that are out there.

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Anonymous said...

We have just started to use Live@edu within my organisation. I didn't set the service up so I can't comment on the ease of set up etc.. but I can comment on the user side.

It's a very quick, very smart looking environment. You have all you'd expect from other services, Email, Calendar, Contacts etc.. It also offers Messenger. When you log into Live@edu you pop up as 'online' indicated by a green circle next to your name. As with messenger you can change this to available, busy or appear offline. Once you've added contacts to your list you can send the request to add messenger and then when ever your contacts are online they also appear with a green circle next to their name.

This is good for me, as it means my ICT Co-ordinators can contact me quickly with any problems, also it enables us to stay in touch more generally thus keeping me in the loop on what's happening with in my schools.

The load times are pretty fast. I've not had any problems with it so far. The only niggle I've suffered from is, because it's a Live service, you can't open Hotmail at the same time, if you open a different tab or browser window and type in then it reverts you back to your open live@edu inbox.

Not so much a problem for me now as I've completely moved across to Googlemail.

The other, major problem we have at the moment is because email transfer between departments ( external) has to be secure, we are still having to use our old email system to receive emails from addresses. This is because Microsoft haven't secured the connection yet. Once that's sorted we can close our old inboxes down completely.