Saturday, 6 November 2010

Future cabling

One of the things we are currently discussing is whether to start to use cat6a cabling or whether to skip it and move straight onto cat7a when it becomes more affordable and widely used.

We have been looking at some of the cabling and other cat6a equipment and there are some pictures below. There is a picture of some shielded and unshielded cat 6a cable and some new connectors.

Cat6a is designed for 10Gigabit Ethernet. So for new buildings that are going in and will be used for years to come it is soon going to be a consideration so as to get the right size pathways and future-proofing. 10GbE NICs will be on the way.

From handling it cat6a feels less flexible but we have seen some interesting patch panel and socket designs to make the cabling tidier and to suit your needs. I would be interested to hear if anyone is using cat6a and what things you have come across when using it.

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