Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Busy wireless times ahead

After the £2.9billion in budget cuts there has been some discussion on the way to proceed. There are still difficult decisions ahead for some departments, but the university as a whole is starting a project that aims to give students value for money when the tuition fees rise.

There was a meeting the other day that suggested quite strongly there will be another £250,000 for wireless installations this year. Added to this is the fact that the teaching hospitals want to do a joint project where all the hospitals in the area are completely covered with wireless.

The aim of the project is to say to students, if you are having to pay £9,000 a year in tuition fees then this is what you get...

There is talk of the funding being extended to £250,000 every year! Although before we get carried away there is plenty of discussion to be had before then. It is the thought of some of the 'high-ups' to make it so the whole university is covered by wireless. I blame all the directors who now have their shiny new iPads to play with wherever they go :)

It seems a few departments are trying to spend their way out of trouble, by expanding and getting better at what they do. Another good thing is this wireless project will not come out of our IT support budget but the university project budget.

Anyway, tuition fess rise in 2012 so there is some planning to do before then and a lot of switches to upgrade, servers to setup and VLANs and IP addressing to sort out. Surveying the buildings starts soon.

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