Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Useful tools - Freemake

I would just like to sing the praises of some software I recently discovered.

Many times I have had a teacher (or student) rush in with a phone, a camera, a CD, and so on, and say "I need this [media] on for my lesson" only to give you no time at all to do it.

Freemake produce two pieces of software you may find useful Free Video Downloader and Free Video Converter. I have been a big fan of Handbrake in the past for converting and firefox plugins for downloading, but in my opinion these do the jobs better and faster.

Using the converter I was very impressed by the conversion times and I would also recommend these for home use since Handbrake has done away with the support for PSP, PS3 and Xbox conversion. The software boasts over 200 input formats and can output to android, PS3, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, basically any output format you can think of and also includes burning to DVD or Blu-ray.

I love the simplicity of the menus and the drop down boxes make converting much simpler than it is on Handbrake. Select Sony for example and a drop down box appears that says PSP, PS3 720P, PS3 1080P. If you select android it asks you what size your screen is and you are away.

I can't name all the list of output formats because there are too many, I'll just tell you that you can also upload to Youtube, can split videos up and insert them into playlists which may be useful for some of you but it is a feature I have not yet tried.

The downloader supports over 40 sites, although some are US only. Again the speed when compared to similar programs and plugins seems to be excellent. As a bonus the downloader also converts videos to MP3s.

And, of course, they are free.

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Freemake said...

Hello Andy,
many thanks for your post from all Freemake team. Well-done!