Friday, 18 March 2011

New WISM blades

As previously mentioned here we have a fair bit of wireless work to do. I have been carrying out some surveys this week to install some new access points (Cisco 1140's) and upgrade some of the older 1200's to 1240's.

To get all these new access points in place though we have had to purchase some new WiSM blades as we were going to reach capacity. We had 2 physical blades divided into 4 virtual WiSM's split across two sites for resilience (one link goes down, traffic gets routed the other way). Now we have 4 blades and 8 virtual WiSM's which should leave us plenty of room for adding more wireless access points.

We currently have nearly 500 in service with many more to come. Eventually it looks like the student residences will be covered (which will be hundreds of AP's) as well as most communal spaces. We have been surveying for around an additional 40 for departments. Once they found out there were 'free' access points available the requests came pouring in.

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