Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Grrrr 2 of the day - ISP's

ISP: We are upgrading customers to ADSL2+, if your exchange is enabled raise a ticket and will upgrade you for free.

Me: I see you are upgrading customers to ADSL2+, my exchange is already upgraded to 21CN and ADSL2+ can I be upgraded please? Thanks.

ISP Agent 1: Can't upgrade you to 21CN, kind regards.

Me: Sorry? Do you mean I will never be upgraded or just not in this current rollout?

ISP Agent 2: Sorry, the previous agent gave duff information you are already on ADSL2+. Please don't hesitate to get back in touch if you require further assistance.

Me: Thanks for getting back to me. I checked my router modulation and it is currently G.992.1 and I believe it should be G.992.5 for ADSL2+ and also the maximum line limit is 8mb rather than 20mb. Can you confirm the router modulation and any settings that may need to change to enable ADSL2+?

ISP Agent 3: I am afraid you have again been mis-informed. You are still on the up-to 8mb service. I will ask our provisioning team to place the order.

What is annoying is that most people would have given up or believed what they were told by the first or second helpdesk agent. It is only because I have some understanding of what I am doing that I bothered to log in to the router and check the settings and had some idea of what I was looking for. For the general ISP customer they would have believed what they were told by the 'experts' and stayed on the old service whilst paying top prices.

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