Tuesday, 5 April 2011



Yesterday the asbestos team put a red sticker on our comms room door and changed the lock. Today the whole cabinet is off and unreachable. It could be the power, it could be the switch stack, we don't know and we cannot get access to the room to have a look.

Unfortunately this cabinet feeds nearly a whole building (last year C floor was refurbished and now goes to another cab). We tried to get access wearing an asbestos suit and accompanied by an asbestos expert but the contractors are refusing to go in as there has been no risk assessment and they do not have a pump to do an air test.

So it could be off for 2 days until the asbestos contractors can go in. This will have a serious impact on the teaching in this department.

While it is excellent news that something is finally being done about asbestos issues in our rooms it is proving to have a serious effect upon the services we provide. It is taking a fair amount of time to do moves and fix faults in these areas... and WE get the blame. We get told by one person that it is safe to go in and told by someone else that it is not. One person that you need a risk assessment and another that you do not. Also a 'green' area one day cab be a 'red' area the next. What a mess!

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