Friday, 1 April 2011

A round-up of the week...

I have been on a course this week so not much work stuff to talk about. However, there has been a few tech stories around this week so, in case you missed any, here is a quick round-up:

Microsoft Windows 8 not as far away as you may think? Link

Google gets up to more April Fools tricks. Link

Amazon launches free 5GB cloud storage service. Link

Firefox 4 was launched, and was quite popular. Link

The UK sees PlayStation games arrive in the android market. Link

The BBC website went down. Link

The clocks changed on Sunday (here in UK) and a few iPhones had problems. Link

There was a major BT broadband problem that had a knock on affect to other ISP's too. Link

Microsoft Vs Google. Fight! Link

and finally...
This blog has a Twitter feed (link), and hopefully soon its own android app courtesy of

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