Thursday, 14 July 2011

Blooming iOS

It taunts me...

When I started my job I was told to get an iPhone for work as we had thousands of users with iOS and Apple devices and I should know how to troubleshoot and fix them. This I thought was brilliant... until I actually tried to use it.

This morning I was tweeted a link for an interesting article and what I got was the screen above. It even mocks Apple users by saying 'click here to see a wide array of the latest smartphones and tablets that do support Adobe's Flash Player'. This is probably what would stop me ever getting an iPad.

I hate iTunes, I hate the lack of Flash, I hate the way you currently have to do updates, I hate that lots of downloads don't work over 3G. I look forward to the improvements in iOS 5 and am thankful it is being released for the 3GS, but how will it run? My fear is slowly.

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