Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Short notice (as usual)

People (users) have consistently underestimated what we do in an IT department throughout the various places I have worked. "I need some software on every computer for my lesson in 5 minutes" and "can we have some laptops getting in for this afternoon" were the sorts of requests I heard often.

Another such request happened this afternoon. There was an email exchange between one of my colleagues and a member of staff about getting some wireless installed for a conference of 40 people next week. I was told this afternoon that the conference would now take place tomorrow morning and everyone will need wireless access.

So that left me with just a few hours this afternoon to:

Configure a Power over Ethernet switch or arrange power into the rooms/ceiling voids.

Configure switches for trunking wireless VLAN traffic.

Configure Access Points and setup correct security and keys.

Setup on Cisco WCS.

Run cables into areas the access points where needed, possibly using temporary trunking or finding a way to keep the cables out of the way and using hazard tape/strips to prevent tripping.

Finding a way to fix the access points temporarily so as not to damage the facilities but also prevent them being damaged or stolen.

Test they work with 'guest' keys and cover areas required.

Not to mention all the other jobs that were in for this afternoon, and that, because of the short notice, I had to do it by myself.

... and then staff just assume you just plugged it in and it worked.

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Anonymous said...

You need to sort your senior management out; clarify the lead time for changes, and explain SPECIFICALLY what sort of jobs are acheivable in what time and to what standard.