Saturday, 12 November 2011

The weekend starts here

Finally done for the weekend.

Went in at 7am this Saturday morning to swap out all the 2950 switches and the 3550 aggregator to be replaced by PoE (Cisco 3750s) in Print and Design.

It was absolutely filthy down there in the basement, which the picture doesn't do justice.

The need for this to be done is due to the fact that the departments phones (and the fibre feed) come from an area that had now been condemned. As we can't currently get an more analogue or digital lines into the building, or make any changes from the PN, we have had to move them to IP telephony.

Configuring the new phones was not made any easier by somebody turning off the power to the building with the voice gateway in without informing IT.

We also found a table of graphic designers all getting their network connection from a mini hub hiden under the desk. So before they can all have an IP phone we need to put some some extra sockets in as power requirements of the phones means only one phone will work off one switch port, and for the time being the mini hub is fed from the phone.

The analogue lines for a credit card machine and fax is provided by an ATA.

The VLANs have been configured and the trunk from the hub. So, hopefully, when the power comes back on the phones will get their IP addresses and config files, and all will be working Monday morning...

Fingers crossed.

Apologies, the Blogger app on my phone does not seem to be allowing picture uploads. I will tweet a pic.

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