Monday, 27 February 2012

Mobile Working

A member of staff needed a desktop computer and as nobody else's was available it was decided she would have mine. So for a week or so, until I can get another PC, I will be using a 4+ year old XP laptop, my Ubuntu netbook and my smartphone.

Given that these devices can be carried with me, it occurred to me that it might not necessarily be true that I need to be at my desk. I can forward my desk phone calls to my mobile or use the softphone on the laptop and I can access the helpdesk from a browser or from the client on the laptop.

Our university uses Google Apps so I can access most things on my phone as well as via a browser and I have a 50GB Box account, 25GB Skydrive account as well as Dropbox and Evernote apps for accessing my files and documents on the move.

I do need somewhere to put my stuff, my personal affects and my tools, and without a locker (I have not been here long enough as they are in short supply) I will still use my desk to keep valuables locked away. However, instead of being chained to my desk I could just 'hotdesk', go and work where I will be most needed, where I will be most productive or just go and sit somewhere quiet and power through the days work. There is nothing surely that would stop me sitting in the cafe (as it has eduroam) and working from there just as well. Also, remote desktop is a wonderful thing. For anything I wouldn't be able to do on my netbook, I could just remote desktop to a free machine in the office and do it that way.

Being quite an organised person I do have spares in all my drawers and it may prove less convenient going into stock whenever I need anything. Also I do like having an area I can personalise and set up how I wish. However I am quite interested in to see if mobile working will work.

Edit: This is a repost as I tried updating the blog through the mobile Blogger app but it appears it removed all the gadgets from the blog and changed the layout. I think there was some bad HTML somewhere there.

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