Wednesday, 4 April 2012

IPT roll-out continues

One of the local hospitals is having a refurb at the moment so some of their teaching staff along with some members of finance and the medical faculty have joined us at the University while the work is being done.

As we had up to 80 staff moving in a short space of time we thought the best way to speed up the move was to swap the switches in the buildings they were moving to PoE switches and provide IP phones. The phone type we decided upon was an Avaya 9608:

The screens are not as high resolution as the phones we have in Computing Services but they are a lot cheaper and have all the features we need. The only problem we found was having to change the settings file to allow the fourth button to be used, for example, for a call pickup group. However, having extra buttons could also be achieved by changing the screen width.

It is a good job I checked the sockets in the buildings before they moved in as these were two that I discovered after taking the face plates off:

So, with sockets repaired and tested, we created a new voice VLAN to enable us to get the number of IP addresses we needed and then created the new extensions by importing a CSV with all the numbers, names, passwords and settings in (call restrictions, voicemails, etc).

Most of the staff moved last week and after looking on our voice software this morning it seems we have reached a milestone. We now have over a thousand registered IP telephones:

Personally I hope it continues. It it much easier to make changes and plan for the future with IPT than with having to move analogue and digital lines all over.

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