Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Please use blanking plates when you do this...

We had a report that there was a socket not working. It was quite a critical socket as it was for a new alarm system. So off I went to have a look.

It didn't take too long to find the problem:

Someone had chopped the end of but left the socket, label, everything there for it to be used and not informed us, the voice and data department.

Looking inside the bodge-job of a socket someone has jelly-crimped the blue pairs to pinch for a voice line to another device:

What might have been a good idea was to put a blanking plate on the socket so that the security guys did not put their new system in NEXT TO THIS SOCKET.

Now going to have to re-terminate the socket and then provide a separate line for the voice (if it is still needed). Roll on Cat6 and Cat7 with the re-usable ends and termination blocks.

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