Tuesday, 8 May 2012

First install of new switches

We have a number of new building projects currently on at the minute. One of which involved medical staff moving to what used to be our History buildings and, as the switches we have used in the past are now reaching their EOL, we have been pressed into deciding upon a new model to roll out across the campus. The model will also be replacing our older non-PoE switches as part of an upgrade project that will hopefully enable us to have wireless and IP telephony everywhere along with saving on power costs.

The model we chose, after seriously considering switching to blades, was the Cisco 2960S, that comes in both 24 and 48 port models. They will, for the first time, be providing Gigabit to desktop.

We have chosen to start using 0.6m and 0.4m patch cables (as shown above) as we have had problems with 2 and 3 meter cables slipping down over the years and causing damage and excess weight on the ports and sockets.

We have also chosen to purchase some longer stacking cables to enable us to have cable management and patch panels between the switches, when in the past the patch panels have been at the top and switches at the bottom of the cabinets, with little to no cable management in place.

I will tweet and blog any good and bad experiences I find that are worth sharing.

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