Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Very little is free...

...certainly not two brand new iPhone 4S's.

Yet another email in this morning from somebody who says:

"if X and Y are out of contract why is it we have to buy a new handset, why are the new ones not provided free as part of the continuing contract - I don't understand why I need to generate an order including VAT for £1056 for 2 handsets?"

This is because you have asked for two new top of the range smartphones! The university pays for your calls but who do you think pays for the handsets? If you just want to use it for university business calls we can get you a Nokia free of charge. You want two 64GB iPhone 4S's to keep? Then these are the public sector prices we have available.

Alternatively you could keep the iPhone 3GS's you currently have and continue to use them as there is nothing wrong with them! They work perfectly for WORK.

This has been a theme lately, that also includes people demanding the Samsung Galaxy SIII, as they don't want an 'obsolete' (their word) phone.

I am getting sick of staff thinking they can have whatever they want for free.

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