Thursday, 9 August 2012

Little annoyances

I had an early start this morning. To prepare I downloaded a number of documents I would need to Dropbox so I wouldn't have to take them around with me (especially since the managed printing service recently set up has been a little unreliable).

Unfortunately it forced me to find another little annoyance with iOS. On my android (personal device) I can zoom in on the documents and they are perfectly clear and readable. However, when I do the same to the exact same document on the iPhone (work phone) it is a complete blur. Why?

I also have problems editing Dropbox documents on iOS that I don't on the Android version.

Combine this with the fact that Twitter has a number of fewer features on iOS than on Android (such as the ability to add to lists) and the iOS app keeps crashing, The Podcast app is so slow it is unusable, Safari lacks the features of the Android versions of Chrome or Dolphin, I keep having to approve new iTunes terms and conditions every time I update or try to download anything and half the free apps I have on Android would cost money on iTunes, it basically means I will not be having another iPhone or iPad. I would not have this one if I could.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The battle for bandwidth

It may be from an American source, but I thought this infographic was quite interesting, seeing how we compare and recent trends.

The Battle for Bandwidth
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