Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wireless traffic numbers

I recently wrote about our busy summer here, which included installing nearly 700 wireless access points in the student residences. This week we moved the wireless traffic to a separate link. Now we can see exactly what sort of impact the wireless installation is having.

We haven't removed any wired connections and students still have a pretty fast wired connection (much faster than WiFi), but even so, the wireless traffic is beating wired by over 2:1.

Obviously this information will be quite useful for forward planning and may help to justify more staff with wireless expertise, more involvement for us in the planning stages of new buildings and refurbs and a shift in infrastructure to a greater focus on wireless technologies.

From the graphs below you can see that wired connection traffic peaked at 348.4 Mb/s with an average of 122.1 Mb/s. Compare this with the wireless peak of 678.8 Mb/s and an average of 241.4 Mb/s and you can see the importance of wireless to students.


Our previous highest number of clients was during May exams where we had 5624 authenticated clients. This term we now have nearly 7000 EVERY WEEK DAY (with 3000-4000 at weekends).

All this is happening at the start of term, I hate to think what exam periods are going to be like. I hope the network (and us) can cope.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Nexus 7 32GB on the way?

A picture has been leaked all over the web that someone took from the Carphone Warehouse database. In it there is a code for a 'Nexus Asus 7in tablet 32GB WiFi Tegra 3'. If this is true then...

I would prefer it if it said 3G (or even 4G/LTE) so you could use WiFi or a SIM but you can't have everything.