Tuesday, 15 January 2013

PS4 announcement in March?

It was reported on CVG on Monday that their sources have confirmed the next generation Playstation will be announced in March. The price they have ranges from £217-£247 ($350-$400), although I have a feeling it will be higher in Europe (it normally is).

A piece of bad news may be that Sony has filed a patent to limit games to one user. This will do away with the second hand games market, trade-ins and sharing between friends /family. We will have to wait for the unveiling to see if this feature is included in the PS4 straight away. Hopefully they won't make it so strict that family in the same household can't play the same boxed game on their different PS ID's... but I wouldn't put it past them, especially after they limited the number of machines a game bought and downloaded from the PSN can be played on from 5 to 2 (even if you use the same PSN ID).

Well Sony, I have had to have THREE Playstations due to the YLOD and you can be damn sure I am not paying again for the same game I have already paid for. The first machine I lost was one capable of playing my PS2 games, but they stopped making this model to make production cheaper.

Another worry I have is that games will be stream-only. This is because the PS3 has recently been re-released in super slim format with only a 12GB hard drive (The game Rage requires 8GB to install) and Sony have bought Gaikai, the game streaming service. For many people this may be okay, but I am still in one of those areas where you pay for upto 24Mbps broadband and I am lucky if I get 2Mbps, and what about the people who don't have that or are on dial-up or 3G?

I think there are still plenty of PS3 titles that would keep me busy over the course of a few years (since having two kids at home has meant I still haven't started Red Dead Redemption) and I won't be rushing out to buy a PS4. I can't imagine what they can include to tempt me to want one. The PS3 had the Blu-Ray player and HD graphics, we already have 3D-capable games and nobody is able to buy 4k screens. I guess they will have some 'exclusives' but these normally end up on other platforms after they have been out a while and I am perfectly happy with the game quality of my PS3 titles.

The best case scenario is that the PS3 will come down in price (if the price of the PS4 is to be believed) and I can grab myself a spare/cheap Blu-Ray player.

The worst is that, as shops clear out their stock, the PS3 becomes more sought after and stock becomes limited, prices go up or they all end up on ebay for 2-3 times the original rrp.