Monday, 18 February 2013

Check with the network team

This is why the University should always check with the networking guys before doing any work.

We noticed on our monitoring equipment that we lost connection to a number of properties over the weekend and help desk started receiving a fair few calls. So, after going up and having a look, checking the fibre at both ends, power, the switch and router, as well as the cabling, it seemed the problem was in the middle somewhere...

... then we find a number of properties having asbestos works done between the router and our students/staff accommodation. We got into the basement safely, where our comms cabinet is, and pointed out which cable was the fibre. After a brief chat with each other they said "yeah...we cut all them".

Turns out they were told they could cut everything in that room. Not, their fault, they were just doing what they were told and needed to in order to get the area clean. Trouble is, now we need a new fibre and have some very angry residents.

We also had no idea it was happening, so no chance to get a plan in place to offer solutions or warning to the people involved.

Estates departments should really check before deciding what to tell people to cut and what not to.

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