Friday, 8 February 2013

Time saving on surveys

We have recently purchased a great little helper to speed up the time it takes to do wireless surveys.

Rather than going from room to room and taking the time to keep booting it up, we now have a portable power supply with an 8 hour battery life.

We had used extension leads too, but when the building is enormous you still have to keep plugging it back in. Now, as you can see from the size, we can turn it on at the start and stick it anywhere.

The supply is from Terrawave and provides 802.3af PoE to the access point via an RJ45 port. It was around £100. We have mounted the bracket on top and can swap the bracket for different models of AP.

This will also be good for buildings where they are still building sites and there is no power sockets live at the time of the survey.

3502 surveys

As the 1142 (in the picture above) is no longer available we have been recommended the 3502i as it works with our WiSM 1's. However, there doesn't seem to be an autonomous mode for this AP in order to do surveys. One thing we might try is putting it in H-REAP mode after it has been joined to a controller and setting a static address. We have got to get some in first to give it a try. I've got a conference call with the suppliers and network team next week.

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