Monday, 29 April 2013

Too much kit (wasted switches)

When we kitted out one of our buildings we asked which network sockets they wanted making live. They wanted all of them so, believing they were going to use them all, we installed the necessary switches to accommodate this.

After looking at the switch logs it seems many, and in some cases most, ports are not actually getting used. So this weekend we went about rearranging the cabinets to recover what kit is being wasted.

The switches we removed piled up

Not only have we recovered £60,000 worth of switches that can be used elsewhere there is also a green saving in the amount of power being consumed. Added to this is the fact that the cabinets are tidier for us to make changes in.

Did I say tidier? Well, you should have seen it before. It's also been vacuumed!
6 switches removed and now down to 5 in this cab.

The green cables in the picture above are also coming out soon as these are our voice lines and we will soon move the building to IP telephony.

Typically, I still had a complaint from someone who rolled in at 2.30pm on a Saturday who wasn't happy they couldn't work (despite the fact that we gave notice and cleared the work with all the departments - and we have a dedicated 24 hour, 365 day a year building with all the facilities for working you would need). I wonder if we did the work overnight would we would still get complaints? We probably would.

We plan on recovering switches in a number of our buildings and then we can replace the older kit with these PoE switches which will help with rolling out more IP telephony and wireless. As I mentioned, it should also help with the University's green initiatives by reducing the amount of kit switched on and replacing the older, less efficient models.