Thursday, 30 May 2013

Don't Do This

We had a request come through about setting a phone extension up and then report that it wasn't working. When visiting the room it was discovered it had recently been refurbished... and they had this...

That's right! New trunking and sockets had been installed, and rather than cabling back to the data cabinet, the sockets have been cabled through the bottom of the trunking to a mini-switch stuck to the wall. Idiots!

Not only have they used inferior quality cables and added a network device without consulting with us, there is also the probability of multiple calls to fix problems where someone has turned the power off when they are not using it (as demonstrated today).

Added to this, the sockets are not labeled so you don't know which is which. One cable has a piece of electrical tape on it so I am guessing this is the uplink?

Another example of Estates departments trying to do things on the cheap rather than sticking to the IT spec.

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