Monday, 23 December 2013

I don't usually do telephone vectors

A very busy day, and being one of only three staff who made it in I was landed with the scheduled jobs this morning. Now let me just say that all our voice and telephone specialists were off and the instructions and documentation they left consisted of the following sentenance (and nothing else): 'Change the opening hours on table 5 and 7 for the Students' Union box office and welcome desk'.

Well that's easy, the box office is closed...

However, when removing all the opening times from the service-hours-table and placing a test call you get a message saying your call will be answered shortly (then nothing).


Okay, no problem, let's look at the call routing...

Ahh, it looks at a holiday table. Yay! So... to get to the message saying the box office is closed, the closure dates need to be in the holiday table. No problem. So I will change the closure dates to reflect the days it is closed.

Test call... perfect, "The box office is now closed, please call back..." etc...etc

[A little later...]

Oh S**t

It seems, though, that some bright spark has decided to use the SAME HOLIDAY TABLE FOR EVERY VECTOR. That means changing the holiday table for one number, in this case the box office, also changes it for the University switchboard, the helpdesk, student services, registration, the welcome desk, and on and on...

So thanks to me large parts the University didn't receive any calls this morning (when, in the most part, it should be open until 6pm Christmas Eve).

Now I have created seperate holiday tables for different departments and phone lines so one can be closed while another is still open.

I'm not sure how it was supposed to work (no documentation). Do they usually keep people on hold until they realise nobody is going to answer the call on days when they are closed? In my opinion this is not good service and, fingers crossed, people ringing in should now get the correct messages for the correct services at the correct times.

Probably best if I stay off the voice system now until the University opens in the new year.

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