Friday, 24 January 2014

Winning is not an option

So we have a few million pounds to install wireless in all our buildings and, as a stage of that, I have been surveying all the rooms. Yep, ALL the rooms.

During my survey of one of the offices today I announced what I was doing and wore my department branded coat and ID badge around my neck. I proceeded to cross the office with my survey equipment before being stopped by a postgrad who'd had his headphones in when I arrived and asked what I was doing...

Now, I don't expect everyone to have an understanding of wireless, but you'd think a postgraduate student, particularly a science and engineering student, would have some sense.

...It went something like this:

Me: We have a project to roll out wireless to all of the campus and I am investigating the coverage.

Him: Why don't you do everywhere?

Me: We are, we have quite a substantial bit of money and are doing all the University buildings.

Him: But you should cover all the city.

Me: ?

Him: I'm paying [i assume he meant tuition] and I could be anywhere so why won't you do the whole city? You should put wireless in the city centre.

Me: ???

Where do you want me to start? We don't own the city! You want us to put wireless in every building in the city on the off chance you or another student may go in? Or you want us to flood the city, over 100 square miles with RF? How do you expect us to do this exactly? How would security work? Exposing our network to half a million people. Speaking of which I think interference might be a problem. I bet you want 2.4GHz for a start and we're talking thousands or even millions of access points here. How do we persuade people to install them? How do we manage them or maintain them? Where is the software and hardware that is going to run them? eh?

Me: ...We can't do that, only University areas.

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