Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mozilla to introduce ads to Firefox browser

Mozilla have announced that they have decided to allow paid adverts to appear on its new tab page of the Firefox web browser.

In their blog post discussing the 'Directory Tiles Program', Mozilla explain that they plan to populate the new tab page of new users with various content from Mozilla, sponsors and locally popular web sites.

Below is the quote from Mozilla:

"Their tiles – those nine rectangles that populate over time with the most frequent and recent websites they visit – are empty.  The new tab page isn’t delivering any value for them.

Directory Tiles will instead suggest pre-packaged content for first-time users.   Some of these tile placements will be from the Mozilla ecosystem, some will be popular websites in a given geographic location, and some will be sponsored content from hand-picked partners to help support Mozilla’s pursuit of our mission.  The sponsored tiles will be clearly labeled as such, while still leading to content we think users will enjoy".

Personally I don't have any problem with Mozilla trying to diversify how they make a profit, as long as the product stays trustworthy and secure.

If you have a strong opinion one way or another, let me know.

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