Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why I'm Blocking All Ads

I am a big believer in the web being free, but one of the main ways in which content on the web stays free is by the use of advertising. It is an obvious conclusion that ad-blockers are hurting a lot of content providers, people who rely on adverts on their websites as their source of income. As such I have used ad-blocking tools sparingly or not at all. This is even though my brain has been trained not to click on ads and unknown links over the years. Some adverts pay on per view, rather than per click, and these have hopefully been helping to fund the good quality content I have enjoyed over the years.

Unfortunately the spreading of malware has become more advanced and this post on the Bromium Labs blog has now convinced me it is time to 'block all'.

I normally try to block or not have Java installed wherever possible (unfortunately some almost essential tools require it) but this malware described in the blog was spread through adverts, allowed by Google, on Youtube. If a site as big as Youtube lets these through then this is extremely worrying.

I have now installed AdBlock Plus and removed the 'Allow some non-intrusive advertising' option. Until I feel that enough is being done to prevent the spread of malware through these means, then this will stay the case.

*You may notice I don't serve ads on my blog. Not only because I probably wouldn't make any money, but because I write this blog because it is something I enjoy. As you can see from the quality over the years, I am no professional and, if someone is, then I agree they deserve to get paid for it. Not everyone will want to, or could afford to, give their time and expertise away for free.

So what is the answer? Paywalls? Who knows where we will go from here?

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