Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wireless Controllers - A quick update (part 1)

My previous post, here, was about how we are going to have to rethink our plans for wireless in the wake of the news that a number of software versions have been pulled. I mentioned towards the end about how we required 7.6 to support the access points we were buying, but that there were some problems with 7.6. From talking to various people with similar deployments we have found one of the problems is a potentially big problem.

The feedback going around is that 7.6 does not work with Windows 8/8.1. Oh good, only 9.3% of the market then.

There are also reported problems with broadcom clients when you have WMM enabled and some have reported problems with iOS devices.

So what I think we are going to do for now is get two new WiSM2's and use them to test 7.6 in a lab, see if we can work out the extent of the problems and if how/they will affect us. We may eventually end up running two separate controller versions to support different access points.

Not much we can do for now, so back to the surveying (even though we don't know what AP we are using - which annoys me) and fourteen new access points to set up that were installed last week.

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