Tuesday, 22 April 2014

BT woes

After being back with BT for a month it is reminding me exactly why I left them the first time.

With my PlusNet broadband costs rising, a promise of half price fibre broadband for 6 months, an 802.11ac wireless router and BT Sport for free I was seduced into returning to BT. What a mistake.

It all started off so well too. To begin with my wireless speeds were fantastic. Then BT decided to sign me up to BTFon, despite the fact that I had opted out. Since then it keeps dropping out as, I guess, other people are using my WiFi. Helpfully BT don't let you change the FON channel settings so there is always a collision domain. I tried to login to the FON website to [re-]opt-out but my BT login wouldn't work.

I called BT and after half an hour waiting on hold I explained my problem to Souveek, who couldn't help but was 'sure' the next person was in the right department to aid me. Alehya couldn't help either so passed me on to Sujithra. I guess you see where this is going? Yep, Sujithra couldn't help either and passed me on to Avinash who told me to login to the website! After explaining for the fourth time that I couldn't I was given another number to ring. That's an hour of my life I'm not getting back.

"You're really close to your broadband usage allowance"

Late last night I got an email saying I was near my usage limit (18GB of 20GB). Okay I thought, I've got 2GB to last me a week and a half, but to be safe I will use 3G anyway.

Well BT's email was as helpful as a concrete parachute as I discovered when I logged in that the limit had already been exceeded, despite the fact that I had not used the internet that day.

BT Sport

When I originally wrote this post this morning I forgot to include the farce that is trying to watch BT Sport. It seems that, looking at Twitter at the time, quite a few people experienced a loss of the stream of the FA Cup semi-final the other week, me included.

Just a snapshot of the dozens of complaints

The BTcare response was that it was all Microsoft's fault (a Silverlight issue) and using a different browser and clearing the cache would solve it... which it didn't.

Thanks BT... for reminding me how bad you are at customer service and why I will be leaving (again) as soon as my contract is over.

Update 10:40am
Social media seems to be a great way to get in touch with companies now. I didn't even @ them in my tweet (as I couldn't be asked with the back and forth at a 140 character limit) and got a reply. Shame it was to tell me to send an email, which I had already done on 29th March, and got a reply back with a link to a video on BT's website about improving wireless. It's not their fault that they don't know I deploy wireless for a living, but the request was to be able to login to the website!

I bit the bullet and called the technical support again. Another mistake. I was on the phone for a little over 31 minutes while I was talked through setting up another email address (this is exactly what I did with the other tech guys last time), only to prove that it still doesn't work. Exasperated, and only getting the same instructions over the phone, I gave up and said I would try it when I get home.

Update - 1 week later
I have been sent an email with details of how to reset my account. Done so a opted-out again of FON. Again said the request will be processed in the next 24 hours.

Update - 10 days later
Still not gotten rid of FON, despite opting out a few more times. Each time "the request will be processed in the next 24 hours."

Update - 12 days later
Success. I saw my router reboot and once it had I got my WiFi analyser switched on and it was gone. FINALLY!

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