Thursday, 17 April 2014

Chrome Remote Desktop android app

The android app for Chrome Remote Desktop has been made available. I downloaded it this morning and took it for a quick spin. (Link here).

The app is available on android 4.0 and up. 

If you start the app with registering a computer via the Chrome browser app you will see no computers in your list. There is a handy getting started guide in the mobile app and the Chrome app is found using this link.

A Chrome Remote Desktop icon will appear under your Chrome browser apps and selecting this will ask you whether you want to allow remote access and to set up a PIN. This is very similar to Teamviewer, which was a remote app I tried previously.

If you have multiple monitors set up the app handily lets you scroll across both screens rather than just choosing one. The only problem I see is that anybody at your desk while you are remotely connecting can see what you are doing and take control of your PC (as it is unlocked).

You can access the Ctrl-Alt-Del options by pressing the menu button or softkey on your mobile device. You can also disconnect the same way (just remember to lock or or log off your remote machine first!).

So far the app seems slick, fast and a very good alternative to similar apps on the market.

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