Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Coffee shop or WiFi shop?

I nipped into the Student Union coffee shop on my way back from a job and was a little shocked by the numbers of laptops I could see. I did a quick head count while I was waiting and found most people were using the area to work or study, rather than to buy food or drink. A few people were doing both, but the majority seemed to just be there to use the WiFi, and it probably helps that it is a nicer space (comfy sofas, light and airy, music) than a number of other study areas.

*63 clients seen on the controllers (probably including a number of phones in pockets and passers by).

While most were using laptops there were a few others just making notes on paper. There were only two or three tables in the whole space where people weren't working in some visible capacity.

This sort of information is good to know, as it impacts on how you design the space from a networking point of view. We may need to treat this area more like a teaching space, where we want to ensure a high density of clients can get connected and achieve a usable speed.

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