Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lazy journalism

I suppose it was inevitable that it would happen, but if I'm honest I expected the source to be The Daily Mail or The Mirror, not The Daily Telegraph.

On the front page of the paper yesterday I noticed an article about the tragic killing of Ann Maguire which tried to draw a link between the incident and the fact the suspect played a video game called Dark Souls 2.

Well, as of a month ago, Dark Souls 2 had sold over 400,000 copies in America and the previous total racked up over 2 million. So if the game is to blame why haven't there been 400,000 incidents like this? Maybe because there is NO LINK BETWEEN VIDEO GAMES AND MURDER. I play 'violent' games if you count GTA, which is most tabloid newspapers go to when blaming games for the breakdown of society, and I have never hurt anyone, and never plan to. GTA5 alone has sold over 32 million copies and I have every confidence that the majority of those 32 million are decent people.

Games seem to be the 'whipping boy' of the media, the way film used to be, but in my opinion this is lazy journalism. I'm sure there was much more salient reasons for the tragic events and the fact that people get paid for printing the same old rubbish is ridiculous.

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