Tuesday, 3 June 2014

iOS 8 - android? is that you?

It was Apple's WWDC yesterday, and instead of watching it I decided to do something else and check the announcements on Twitter. What seemed to me to be coming out of the presentations was a list of features previously available on android.

So what were the new features of iOS 8?

  • Third party keyboards - Swype et al have been on android for years
  • Predictive keyboard - So it will now be like most android keyboards
  • Widgets - Was there ever a version of android that didn't have widgets?
  • Actionable notifications - android 4.3
  • Cloud drive - Google Drive...but Google gives you 15GB for free, not 5GB
  • Family sharing - android tablets have multi-user support and music can be shared for limited listens
  • Share and copy between apps (such as a web link to an email) - On android since the beginning
  • Choose which apps to use following certain functions (for example using Google Maps instead of Apple Maps when tapping on an address) - android did it?
  • Health apps and integration with fitness tracking devices - Hello Samsung Galaxy & Gear Fit
  • Homekit (integration with smart home products) - Like Nest, that Google has been selling
  • Photos with auto- backup - Identical to Google+ photos, apart from Google gives you unlimited storage
  • iMessage improvements - Basically it is now includes Snapchat/WhatsApp functionality
  • You can now launch Siri by saying "Hey Siri" - "OK Google"
  • Siri can listen to TV and movies and integrate with Shazam - So Google Now then?
  • Watch videos of apps before you download them - Already available on the Google Play store
I don't intend to start arguments, it just looked to me that the major features the Apple fan-boys on Twitter were going mad for were imitations of what Google have already been doing...despite some cheap shots at android during the day.

Apple will do things in their own way and ideas will be built upon and developed by both companies.

I suppose imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery.

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