Monday, 18 August 2014

Friday afternoons

There seems to be a rule with a number of users that states 'when you need something doing by the end of the week, don't tell IT until Friday afternoon'. This rule was certainly in full force this last Friday.

We received an email around 2.15pm asking for a large number of sockets to be made live for staff to move in that afternoon.

Apart from the fact that there was only 2 hours of the working day left and we had plenty of other jobs we were currently on with (including clearing), and that we ask for 5 days notice of moves, there were a number of other reasons IT should have been involved earlier:
  • The sockets were cabled back to an area where we have no services
  • Providing services would require a data switch to be purchased and installed (approx cost £2000)
  • We would need access to be provided from an outside estates department
  • We would require a fibre connection from the hub room to said area
  • We would need to borrow fibre from the people who manage this buildings IT as, as mentioned, we don't have any services here
  • The hub switch has no fibre capacity left
  • Providing services would require a new stack on the hub (approx cost £3000)
If we had been involved before the event we could have, either, instructed the contractors to cable back to an area where we did have services and capacity, or purchased and set up the required kit ahead of time so that everything would be ready to go in time for the move.

As it stands they will have to live without any form of connectivity until the above issues are addressed.

People! Please talk to your IT team. Don't just do stuff off your own back.

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