Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why Windows 10 is good for Linux

This might be strange but I believe Windows 10 will end up being good for Linux and here's why.

Updates in Windows 10 are mandatory and, while the OS may be whizzing along when first installed, like an older phone or tablet what happens after a year or a few years of updates and upgrades? Older hardware and devices will begin to struggle. So the choice will be, either upgrade to a new PC (or your hardware if you know how) or install a different OS. Many people who have taken advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade may not be inclined to shell out for a new system or component upgrades on a regular basis, and the other option will be to switch OS. Additionally, with a new Windows system comes the cost of another OS licence (it's not free forever, only for a year and for upgrades).

This, therefore, may lead to a number of new Linux installs as people need an alternative to an ever more larger version of Windows 10 in order to keep their machines running. Linux variants that mimic Windows 10 or have Windows 10 skins will be popular and the Linux user base may actually grow. This is just an opinion, but we'll see what happens after a year or two of updates.

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