Thursday, 10 September 2015

More Wireless Bugs (1)

We have found another bug on our wireless network, with thanks to a helpful person who we spoke to during an install of an access point in their room.

For some reason we were discussing the AP and the boot up sequence, we told him that the LED would go green when it was online and blue when someone was connected. The AP booted up and worked and all seemed well for a few days.

Then we got a call from the guy who wanted to tell us the LED no longer goes blue. Well our monitoring kit, that is supposed to alert us to problems (by probing the device) thought all was good. The controller and Prime thought all was good, no alarms and a connected, active AP. So off I pop to site and I find I cannot connect, I can't see the AP on the Aircheck. Logging into the AP I find the administration status of the radios disabled. I look through the logs and see it appears to have done it by itself a few days before we got the call. My second thought, after how the hell has that happened, was 'has this happened anywhere else' because it is extremely rare for someone to know and to tell us what the LED status lights on the AP are doing or not doing.

So after a long and laborious trawl through the radios on Prime I did find another hand full of APs that had turned their radio off. So now we need to find a quicker way of spotting these, or wait for people to report faults. We passed this on to our suppliers who said it sounds like a bug which should be fixed in the next controller version....whenever that is released.

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