Monday, 14 September 2015

Temporary Wireless Link

That's right, the University has bought another building. They also, in their wisdom, decided to start moving staff in before getting services to the premises, and it turns out the road where we would need to dig to access the ducts has a Section 58 notice, meaning it cannot be dug up in a 3 year period.

As a result we have installed a wireless point-to-point link on our nearest visible and accessible roof top.

New Wireless Link

We have a couple of point-to-point wireless devices we keep for emergencies and temporary bodges that we have set up before (pictures of these below), but as we have a large building to feed with a number of staff and students as well as PC's to image we were looking for something that could provide closer to a gigabit connection. From throughput tests it seems to work well and a fibre can go in the road at a later date.

Existing point-to-point wireless kit on 5.4GHz frequency and 20/40MHz wide channel tests

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